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Among the passions of Senior Relationship Manager David Edstrom is helping clients articulate their unique goals and developing a path to achieving those goals. “I believe my broad-based professional experience working within both large and

small firms equip me with the knowledge to really help clients get to the core of their needs, wants and fears.  Technology has so dramatically changed the landscape of just about every industry but especially the wealth management industry.  Smaller firms now have access to just about any of the resources previously available to only the biggest of the big firms.  So, the industry has evolved away from particular investments or products and towards a professional’s ability to listen and understand what is truly important to a client.  And that is what really energizes me!” 


This professional know-how closely mirrors another of David’s passions, drumming.  David regularly mans the drumkit in a worship band at his church providing the tempo for a variety of musicians with diverse musical backgrounds.


It might sound a stretch to equate the hard-pounding rhythms of a drummer with the skills required in the wealth management industry, but David is quick to point out the similarities. “Part of the role of both a drummer and a relationship manager is to provide a stable cadence to their band or the team.”, David notes.  “A drummer’s duties include keeping the band on track and providing a firm, confident and predictable beat to follow.  Those responsibilities are very similar to what any client should expect of a wealth management team,” says David.


David started as a drummer at age 8, but went on an informal drumming sabbatical when he was 16. He climbed back behind the kit when his son took up the skins. “My son, Alec, started taking lessons, and I would dabble a bit with him.  Eventually, I dusted off my old drumset to help Alec continue to learn and got up the nerve to approach the leader of the worship band at church. He slowly brought me back into the fold of performing.  After all, it had been 30 years since I played as part of a group and, even more nerve-racking, in front of a crowd!” 


A relatively recent addition to the Fairhaven team, one of the factors that stood out to him in the recruiting process was the culture.  “Part of my professional experience includes mentoring and coaching so I have seen a lot of financial advisors in action.  Without a doubt, the professionalism and commitment to taking care of their clients by the entire Fairhaven team is second to none.  It’s part of their DNA!”

A resident of Hinsdale, Illinois, David’s daughter, Ainsley, lives in New York City and works in the advertising industry, and his son, Alec, is studying business at DePaul University in Chicago. IIII


Senior Relationship Manager

David Edstrom




Best jazz drummer (maybe best-ever). Led the big bands/jazz bands, knowing when to stay in the background, and when to exert his incredible talent in a fill or solo. Was one of the few drummers with an eponymous band. First drummer I admired-—saw him in concert and met him when I was 12. ​



Although he had a hard-charging style and looked maniacal when he played, he may be the best rock drummer ever. With his aggressive style, he was the glue and driving force behind the band with his strong, dependable and sometimes very complicated beat.​


I think he would agree that a drummer’s job is to provide the backbeat and keep the music on track.  But that does not mean the backbeat need be boring.  He expressed his individuality by adding flare with extra beats, fills and speed.  His unique flare made his drumming a thing of beauty.

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