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Marc Horner is a highly experienced and certified wealth manager with a passion for financial literacy. A regular source for reporters and producers, he makes complicated principals of investing jargon-free and engaging. To book Marc, please contact Dave Wilson --

> Apps to use to avoid increasingly sophisticated cybercriminals. 

> Key retirement decisions you should make while you're young. 

> Help high school graduates prepared for their financial future. 

> Key questions to ask before deciding when to retire.

> Take a month for a retirement "dress rehearsal" to see if you're truly ready.

> How to make sure that you have the money you need to retire.

> College students managing their own money? Here's how to do it.

> Extreme savings: cutting key expenses will pay big dividends.

> Starting your investment plan early can be a financial game changer.

> How to manage your finances in a hot economy.

> How college students and recent grads can establish good credit.  

> How to start your relationship on the right financial foot.

> Negotiating College Tuition.

> Why are millennials are so reluctant to invest in stocks?

> Marc discusses strategies that could allow you to retire early. 

> How much money will millennials need to retire comfortably and how they can do it.

> Ideas for better money management in the new year.

> How much should you be paying for financial advice?

> Is the expense of an MBA really worth it? 

> Prioritize your retirement savings over your kids' education fund. 

> Rolling over a 401k? It's worth discussing it with a financial planner. 

> How to save for a rainy day and your future.

> Build a substantial nest egg with just 90 dollars a month. 

> Financial advice for new college grads!

> Things to think about before you sign your first mortgage.

> Millennials & Money:  Advice on what and how to prioritize your money.

> Marc offers advice on putting together a financial plan for college-bound students.

> Marc discusses getting control of your spending with a "cash diet."

> Human or "robo" financial advisor? Marc weighs in on what to consider before you choose. 


> Even small changes can have a big impact on your financial future.  

> Great financial New Year's resolutions. 

> The most memorable gifts aren't usually material things. 




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