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Wealth management is a lot more than getting a few shares of the latest red-hot IPO or listening to “tips” from your uncle.  Reaching your financial goals requires strategy and discipline.  It also requires remaining flexible to adjust as changes and opportunities present themselves.

Likewise, learning is a lot more than reciting facts and formulas.  We bring our knowledge to you and then help you correctly apply it to your unique circumstances.  But learning never ends. 

So, we stay informed and keep you informed of

changes that might affect you – enabling you to adjust accordingly.   Our proprietary education platform, The Million Dollar Cup of Coffee™, delivers creative and user-friendly tools to help you better understand a wide range of personal finance topics.



We all know you don't need to be a master watchmaker to tell time, you just need to know the basic rules of timekeeping and what the indicators mean. 
Success in personal finance is similar...Nobel Prize not required! 
The Million Dollar Cup of Coffee™ website was created for just this break through confusing industry gibberish and reveal simple and powerful fundamentals in an easy to understand way. Why?  Because educated investors make better investors.  Enjoy! >


Welcome to the Million Dollar Cup of Coffee  I  Video >         



Diversification: Smoothing Out the Ride  I  Video >    



It's Tough to Look Rich & Be Rich  I  Video >         



Investor Mistakes: Overconfidence  I  Video >          



What is a “Bubble”?  I  Video >    



Rebalancing and the Cinnamon Challenge  I  Video >    



Averages Can Be Misleading  I  Video >    



Debt: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly  I  Video >    



Is the Stock Market Just Another Casino?  I  Video >   



Financial Planning: Looking Through the Turn  I  Video >   



Price to Earning Ratios & the Deli Counter  I  Video > 



Market Milestones: Do They Matter?  I  Video >   



Roth IRAs, Your Best All-Inclusive Vacation  I  Video >



The Magic of Compound Interest  I  Video >



Recency Bias and Traffic Jams  I  Video >  



Investing 101: Do the Opposite I  Video >



Mirepoix of Estate Planning  I  Video >



Financial Planning: All Work and No Fun Makes Jack a Dull Boy I  Video >



Stocks & Bonds: Pass or Fail?  I  Video >   



Financial Advisors: Choose Carefully  I  Video > 



Investor Mistakes: Anchoring  I  Video >   



Breaking News: Does it Matter?  I  Video >



Life Insurance & Pumpkin Spice  I  Video >



Investor Mistakes: Don't Get Squashed  I  Video >  



Retirement Readiness: Mind the Gap I  Video >



Retirement Readiness: Practice Makes Perfect  I  Video >



Investor Mistakes: Home Bias I  Video >




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